All of our language teachers are native speakers or qualified instructors. We are an international team from Germany, USA, Great Britain, Ecuador and Spain. Although our English teachers usually tend to speak either American or British English, it‘s important to us that our students learn an authentic language without confining it to one dialect. Global English is becoming more and more important in our world today. We help our students use it in business and in their free time. Our one exception is our German school teacher who helps the kids improve their English in order to get better grades.


For over 20 years we‘ve been helping students learn English. We have the experience to guide you to your goals. Sometimes it‘s 4-day workshop for an international group of managers. At other times a student just wants to be able to book a hotel room with more confidence.

We are highly educated and are continuously improving our skills through workshops, seminars and self-education.


It‘s a dynamic cycle of motivation. Our students‘ success is our reward. Our enthusiasm is contagious and keeps the students coming back for more.

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